Capability Statement

Capability Statement

Innovative facilities management and compliance solutions

AGA Newserv is a multidisciplinary, facilities management and compliance service provider, Offering industry based solutions with a strong focus on compliance, human rights and transparency.

Our principals and executives have extensive experience with contract compliance across many fields. Our technical compliance specialists have vast experience setting up systems and reviewing contracts in the Aged care industry with a focus on obligations of contractors to workers, 2018 Modern Slavery Act and compliance to Statutory obligations.

With our knowledge of the industry from client to contractor we have a unique capability and perspective.


We provide contract compliance services with a 100-point check to highlight or eliminate any deliberate breach of statutory obligations. Breaches relating to workers rights and non-compliance to WH&S and illegal or sham contracting.


The auditing process has been developed to capture any variables within your systems that may impact your ability to meet your statutory requirements.

System Implementation:

Services extend to identifying system break downs, writing and implementing required documentation, issue of Corrective Action Reports and working towards resolution and total compliance.


Our goal is to achieve your desired results. When complete there will be clear evidence of any areas of concern with consulted Corrective action reports to remedy the non-compliance.


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